ESG Investment Funds

If like me you are concerned about the environment and the future of the planet for generations to come , it can be confusing as to how best to make a positive difference.

There is a lot of coverage and promotion around Green Pension and Investment Funds, Renewable Pension and Investment Funds, Sustainable Investing, ESG Bond Funds

Why listen to me?

I could tell you that I drive an electric car, don’t eat meat, buy my energy from a green source, hey I even keep bees but the single biggest impact I am making is through my pension fund.

Michael O Connell QFA SIA RPA PTP

Why Is This Important Now?

Last 10 years hottest on record


25% of the worlds population lives on less than $3 per day


Only 7.8% of CEO's in America's Top 500 Companies are Women


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ESG Funds: Ask not what the planet can do for you but… ?


Should I?

  • Switch to an electric car?
  • Stop Flying?
  • Become a vegeterian?
  • Switch to green energy provider?


Do Something

20 times more powerful by moving to a Green Pension Invesment Fund.

3 Ways To Invest Responsibly – Which One Are You?

Ethical Funds

  • Decisions Based On Ethical Or Religious Grounds
  • Investment Process Tends To Exclude Certain Investments Rather Than Include
  • Performance Of Assets Not A Major Consideration
  • There Tends To Be No Engagement With Stakeholders

ESG Funds

  • Decisions Based on ESG Scores and Measurements
  • Investment Process Based On Positive Screening
  • Consideration Given To The Performance Of Assets
  • Strong Engagement And Performing

Impact Investing

  • Tend To Follow The Sustainable Development Goals Framework
  • Objectives And Outcomes Are Measurable
  • Focus On Socio-Enviroment
  • Investing In Climate, Water and Renewables

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ESG Investing Explained:


The ESG Acronym refers to the 3 Pillars of sustainability namely:


  • Green House Gas Emissions
  • Waste
  • Energy Usage
  • Pollution
  • Air Quality
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change


  • Diversity
  • Gender Reform
  • Equality
  • Standards Of Labour
  • Human Capital
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Supplychain


  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Behaviour
  • Accounting
  • Financial Security

How do SDG’s and ESG differ?


Sustainable Development Goals

  • Developed By UN
  • Global Sustainable Goals
  • 17 Goals and 169 Targets
  • Time Goal Of Implementation By 2030

ESG Funds

  • Rating System Used By Companies
  • Not Necessarily Global – More Supply Chain And Operational Reach
  • No Set Targets Or Goals
  • No Time Scale Invovled Focused On Longer Term

Do They Work Together? YES

Esg examines factors relating to a product/ production process or indeed an organization as a whole and whether it is contributing positively in the area’s environment , society and governance. The sustainable development goals set the framework or guidelines to allow progess towards the more sustainable product/ production process or organization.
On their own sdg’s cannot bring the type of change necessary as there is no Enforcement power and without applying esg framework in the area’s of workers rights, wages, child labour , corruption , bribery etc sustainability cannot be achieved

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40 Shades of Green? Well 2 anyway.


An Article 8 promotes environmental and social characteristics

Example in the Irish Pension And Investment Market:
Aviva’s Multi Asset Funds

  • 3 Choices based on Risk Orientation
  • Cautious
  • Strategic
  • Dynamic

Multi Asset Approach Using Equity, Bonds, Cash In Different Quantities


Article 9 funds have and objective of “sustainable investment”

Example in the Irish Pension and Investment Market:
Standard Life’s Global Equity Impact Fund

The fund aims to generate growth over the long term by investing in equities which aim to create positive measurable environmental and/or social impacts. These can include renewable energy stocks and green bonds.

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